Jet charges extra for choice seats

Jet Airways continued its experimentation with seat preference charges with the carrier on Tuesday, introducing a fee for pre-selection of certain seats in economy class on its international flights operated by Boeing 737 aircraft. For now, Air India is the only international airline in the country not to charge extra for choice seats.

It will be Rs 750 for bulkhead row seats, that is the first row of seats in the economy class and Rs 400 for aisle and window seats in economy for rows 11-15. The fee will be applicable on Jet’s routes from India to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal. The exception is Bahrain-India flights. But Jet’s India-Bahrain flights will have the fee.

Jet began levying a charge for seat selection by testing the waters with a charge introduced only for its economy class seats on the Dubai-Mangalore route in May. The charge was Rs 1,500 for front row seats, Rs 500 for row 10 seats and Rs 250 for window and aisle seats on rows 11-15. The latest development covers short and medium haul international flights.

Full report here Times of India


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