Jatara another icon on tourism map

The art and cultural complex of the Department of Tourism, Shilparamam – Jatara, at Madhurawada has a makeover with a number of sculptures being installed at various locations.

Sculptures made of scrap steel, cement, and fibreglass are dotting the landscape, giving visitors something to mull over.

The sculptures are a mix of modern and traditional, there is a decorated bull with all its four legs on a small stool, then there are metal monsters out of the Transformers movie, and then there are abstract metal sculptures, a fish standing on its tail at the edge of the lake, then there is a girl carrying a head-load of books with alphabets on her dress, there is a moving concrete bell at the water edge. There is a scrap metal crane standing on the water edge looking into the water ready to prey on fish.

Full report here Hindu


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