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It’s time for poll tourism in Alappuzha


As the election bugle has been sounded in the country, this is the time for poll tourism in Alappuzha, the Venice of the East. Compared to other parts of Kerala, campaigning is different in Kuttanad where paddy fields will be dotted with flags of all parties during this period. Also polling officials carry ballot boxes in boats around backwaters, which is a rare sight for tourists, including foreigners. Since 2004, when poll tourism was introduced here, several groups of foreigners have flown down to Alappuzha to witness Kuttanad’s innovative style of political campaigns.

Mr Tomi Pulikkattil, a tour operator who introduced poll tourism here, told Deccan Chronicle that poll tourism will be organised for foreigners this time also. “General election is an exciting time with meetings and marches, noisy propaganda and posters seen everywhere which the foreigners enjoy. It also provides them an opportunity to know how democracy works in this country. The poll tourism has enabled tourists to have a close look at the electioneering in Alappuzha district through houseboat cruise,” he says.

Full report here Deccan Chronicle


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