It’s raining gold in Bihar

The farmers of Senduwar, like their kin countrywide, are always on the lookout for the first signs of monsoon. But concern for their crops isn’t the only reason why the rains bring them joy. Over the last two-and-a-half decades, this remote village in Bihar’sRohtas district, about 180 kilometres southwest of Patna, is literally being showered with gold.

In the month of July, most of the 500-odd residents of the village, located at the base of the Kaimur (or Rohtas) plateau, rush to the rainwater streams that flow down from the surrounding hills with sieves to filter the water. Many have been rewarded with small nuggets of gold and precious and semi-precious stones.

For many residents of Senduwar, a poor village whose mainstay is agriculture, the ‘gold flow’ has become an only source of sustenance. Abhay Kumar Rai, pradhan of Sonhar gram panchayat whose jurisdiction covers Senduwar village, says that Rajan Kumar Singh, 8, a government school student, collected gold nuggets weighing four grams last year. “That fetched him a few thousand rupees. He also got some precious gems,” says Rai. Awadh Bihari Singh, 80, resident of Senduwar, has seen his fortunes change over the years. “He was a landless farm labourer but over the last few years, he has collected gold ornaments and other small objects like precious stones. He owns land now,” says Rai, who petitioned chief minister Nitish Kumar during the latter’s visit to the area last year to develop the area as a historical site and promote tourism.

Full report here Times of India 


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