Is tourism stagnating in Mysore?


mysore brindabanIs the tourism sector in Mysore stagnating since the last two years and its dream of luring nearly five million visitors by 2020 a fantasy ?

The question assumes relevance in the light of declining number of tourists visiting Mysore, based on statistics gleamed from the Palace Board, which maintains a record of the number of tickets sold for entry to the palace. This is a reliable yardstick to assess tourist inflow as it is widely perceived that no first-time visitor will skip the palace.

As per Palace Board statistics, the total number of visitors during the financial year 2013-14 was 32,47,746; a drop from the 33,00,452 tourists who visited the palace during the previous financial year, 2012-13. The city’s tourism sector peaked in 2011-12, when the economy was on the downturn. Fuelled by domestic visitors who found foreign travel beyond their budget, Mysore palace received a record 35,20,112 tourists.

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