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IRCTC to allow foreigners buy train tickets online soon


People from other countries will soon be able to book train tickets online in their own homes using credit/debit cards said the IRCTC. Currently foreigners can do the same only via Indian tour operators.

“We are incorporating certain checks and balances in our website to provide booking facility for foreigners,” IRCTC chairman and managing A K Manocha told PTI.

The PTI report mentioned that Buddhist circuit trains, Palace on Wheel, Maharaja and other tourist special trains are popular with foreigners but tickets for the same are only booked through tour operators at present.

The IRCTC had provided this facility once earlier as well but was forced to withdraw the same after reports of misuse of credit cards, Manocha said. He added that those issues have since been resolved.

“We have engaged Standardisation Ticketing and Quality Control (STQC), a website security audit expert, to check the system and they have certified that the site is safe,” he told PTI.

In 2014-15, a total of 183,021,842 tickets were booked on IRCTC’s ticketing site. There were about 14.9 crore tickets booked till December 2015.
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