Investigating fraudulent transactions of Rs 22 crore: AirAsia

DELHI: AirAsia India has said that the issue of fraudulent transactions of Rs 22 crore related to AirAsia India is being investigated by the airline, reports The Economic Times.

“There is an ongoing investigation against certain former personnel of AirAsia (India) Limited involving irregular personal expense claims and certain company charges. This has already been reported to and discussed at the previous Board meeting of AirAsia (India) Limited. AirAsia (India) Limited will not make any specific reference to the matters investigated at this stage as it may be prejudicial to AirAsia (India) Limited or the personnel investigated,” the airline said in a statement today.

AirAsia (India) Limited, AirAsia Berhad and Tata Sons Limited look into all allegations of impropriety and misappropriation very seriously.

The three entities do not approve of any unethical practices and will take very stern action against the perpetrators at all levels of the organisation.

The three entities would like to reiterate that they strictly adhere to internal procedures and policies, the statement added.

According to a letter that Mistry has written to the Tata board after his unceremonious removal, a forensic investigation had revealed fraudulent transactions of Rs 22 crore related to AirAsia and involving non-existent entities in India and Singapore.


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