Medical Tourism

Interest in travel industry jobs grows


Travel and Tourism as an industry is known for both volume and workforce. According to a report by India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), the sector is estimated to create 78 jobs per $18366 of investment as compared to 45 in the Manufacturing sector. Looking at such projections, a number of people are now choosing a career in this industry.

Factors driving growth 

Government initiatives, increased industry participation, involvement of start-up ventures and emergence of India as a tourist destination are some of the key factors that have fueled the growth of Travel and Tourism sector. 
According to Shrutidhar Paliwal, vice president and head – Corporate Communication and Media Relations, Aptech, “The Ministry of Tourism has a tie-up with various state tourism boards to push travel and tourism with the help of television commercials to help increase the inflow of both international as well as domestic tourists across India. Government has also allowed FDI in the Hotel and Tourism related industry.” 
He adds that lifestyle changes have helped drive travel and tourism in the country. “Medical Tourism is another area which is witnessing a huge growth. India is expected to receive nearly half a million medical tourists by 2015, touching on an annual growth of almost 30 per cent,” he adds.

Read the full report here, Economic Times


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