India’s indigenous aircraft carrier 85% ready


India could soon have its own indigenous aircraft carrier. Cochin Ship Yard, the company that is building the carrier, said that the work on the ship’s hull was about 85% complete. Speaking on the sidelines of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII’s) conference on ‘Approach to Integrated Maritime Systems’ in Chennai, Commodore K Subramaniam (retd), chairman and managing director, Cochin Ship Yard, said, “Around 85 per cent of the hull is complete and 90 per cent of the fabrication is over. About 85 per cent of the erection has also been completed.” He did not tell of a final date for the carrier’s completion.

Subramaniam added that the ship yard has innovated along the way. He mentioned that how the Navy wanted a 14-degree ski-jump in the voxle of the ship for easy take-off for fighter planes. For the same, a big piece of iron had to be welded and trimmed down the ship at the front. “We have employed a big piece of iron in the hull area which will function as a buoyant which has made the keel of the hull float horizontally,” he added.

Subramaniam added that about 80 per cent of the ship was indigenous.

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