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India’s FTA rise, exchange earnings fall


Indian tourism ministry reports that at least 0.6 million foreign tourists visited India in March 2014, a 4.5% higher rate over March 2013. “Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTAs) in India in March, 2014 was 0.66 million.  It was 0.64 million in March 2013 and 0.60 millions in March 2012,” an official of Indian Tourism Ministry said.

The official added that 2.12 million foreign tourists visited the country between January-March 2014, which is 4.9% higher as compared to 2.02 million FTAs between January-March 2013.

However, Foreign Exchange Earnings in March 2014 fell to $1.68 bn as compared to $1.76 bn in March 2013. Exchange earnings in March 2012 stood at $1.56 bn. “The growth rate in Foreign Exchange Earnings in US dollar terms in March 2014 over March 2013 was negative growth of 4.4% as compared to the growth of 12.7% in  March 2013 over March  2012,” he said.

The foreign exchange earnings from tourism between January-March 2014 too declined to $5.3 bn at a 5% rate as compared to $5.6 bn between January-March 2013.

Read the full report here, National Turk


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