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Indian visitors to Australia increase by 20%


About a 100 thousand Indians visited Australia in the first half of 2014 as per latest numbers from Tourism Australia. This was nearly a 20% (19.3% exact) increase over the same period last year. For a one year period ending June 2014, the same number stood at 184,720 corresponding with a 15% increase on a year-on-year basis. India is now the 10th largest visitor market for Australia.

Between the year June 2013-2014, Indian visitors to Queensland increased by 22%, New South Wales (19%), South Australia (15%) and Victoria (15%).

India travellers on average spent AU$752 million (US$681m) in the period making India the 12th most valuable nation to Australia’s tourism economy. Indian visitors also tended to stay in Australia for long periods with the high level of VFR (visiting friends and relatives) trips. The average Indian tourists stayed in the country for 55 nights.

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