Indians sprint towards running holidays

Amit Sheth, a businessman, says that when he and his runner wife Neepa want to schedule a holiday, they first google races around the world. They’ve run through Tokyo, South Africa, Ireland, France and Italy. It’s also how they enjoyed the scenic lanes in Rome. “Marathons in these cities make sure the track runs through the sights. In Tokyo, we ran through all the main landmarks along with 40,000 people. It was incredible,” says Sheth, who is in his mid-40s and has authored ‘Dare to Run’.

Running for urban Indians is more than just a fad now. It has become a lifestyle choice so ingrained that enthusiasts, mostly young professionals, are sightseeing ‘on the run’. Travel companies and hotels are also offering special ‘running holidays’ which focus on the race, but extend into a vacation as well.

Full report here Times of India 


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