Indian air traffic rises 4% in May, global at 6.2%


Indian air travel market showed a “muted” 4% growth in May, even as overall global air traffic rose by a strong 6.2%, latest figures showed. While global air traffic performance was “consistent with signs of improvement in demand drivers”, in India, “by contrast, growth was a muted 4.1 % in May,” International Air Travel Association (IATA) said.

 “Although there is positive sentiment toward the incoming ( Narendra Modi) government, inflation is high and consumer demand remains constrained,” the global airlines body said in its latest analysis. It said the expansion in air traffic volumes has started accelerating again after a slowdown in the growth earlier in the year, following developments in demand drivers.

“Latest data show a pick-up in both trade and business activity, which is consistent with this recent spurt in air travel demand,” the IATA said, as the figures showed a seven % rise in international traffic in May compared to that a year ago. While a 6.2 % growth was seen across all regions, “importantly, airlines in Asia Pacific recorded a solid increase of 7.3 % (growth) in May.”

Read the full report at Economic Times



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