India got $260 mn from Nigerian medical tourists

All is not negative about the presence of Nigerian tourists in India. In 2012, 18,000 Nigerians came to Indian hospitals on a medical visa, effectively trebling in numbers over the last three years. With Nigerian politicians more determined than ever to stop this loss of foreign exchange, Indian hospital groups looking long term see the future as building hospitals in Nigeria.

47% of Nigerians visiting India in the year 2012 did so to get medical attention, according to figures from the Indian High Commission. These 18,000 medical tourists spent $260 million (N42bn) in scarce foreign exchange in the process. (Around $15,000 or N2.3m) per medical tourist).

This trend results from the inequality in access to healthcare and dearth of medical facilities, which have remained major, upsets to Nigeria’s healthcare.

The trend of referring patients from health institutions in Nigeria to similar institutions in India is a common practice. This development has made many Nigerians lose confidence in the ability of the nation’s healthcare institutions to deliver quality healthcare.

Read the full report here, All Africa


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