‘India failed to take advantage of aviation boom’

India failed to take advantage of the fast-growing aviation market, as the country does not have enough home-grown airlines. As a result, aviation hubs have been transferred to West Asia from where major airlines have flooded the Indian market to fly passengers overseas, according to Wolfgang Will, Director, South Asia, Lufthansa.

Except for Jet Airways, there is hardly any private airline in India (excluding low-lost operators such as SpiceJet) flying on international routes.

On the contrary, Chinese airlines dominate the local aviation sector, he told BusinessLine recently.

“We want to help a little bit by offering better and efficient services out of India,” he said.

West Asia carriers such as Emirates, Kuwait Airways, Gulf Air, Qatar and Etihad have a significant presence in international markets. These carriers have grown significantly by increasing frequency to various Indian cities.

Full report here Business Line


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