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India becomes 8th biggest tourism source for Australia from 11th earlier


India has become the eighth largest tourist source market for Australia rising from the 11th position over the last 12-18 months overtaking markets like Germany, Hong Kong, and South Korea  said Nishant Kashikar, country manager, India & Gulf, Tourism Australia at a press briefing during the India Travel Mission 2015 in Bangalore.

“We have identified India as the fastest growing market for Tourism Australia. We aim to get 300,000 visitors by 2020 with AUD 1.9 bn in earnings,” said Kashikar adding that the year 2014-15 was a record year for Indian arrivals for Australia.

He informed that Australia saw 200,000 arrivals in 2014-2015, recording a growth of 19% for the year ended June 30, 2015. Indian tourists spent AUD 960 million in Australia, a growth of almost 13%.

Kashikar said that between 9000 to 15000 Indians traveled to Australia during the ICC Cricket World Cup co-hosted by Australia earlier this year. “The growth was 42% on account of the World Cup, and the Indian cricket team’s travel to Australia. We would like to build on this growth and the strong foundation that we have laid for ourselves,” Kashikar said.

For the first six months up to June 2015, Australia saw 122,900 visitors from India, a 24% increase over the same period last year. It expects to end the year with 235,000 arrivals from India and over AUD 1,000 million in spends.

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