In search of Dindigul Biryani

Till you meet people like M. Nallathambi, you wouldn’t know the worth of Dindigul biryani. He travels 20 km daily from his native village to Tamil Nadu’s biryani city to relish a plateful of mutton biryani at Dindigul’s oldest biryani restaurant, the “Thalappakatti”. “Unless I am ill or caught up in something important…,” says the 60-year-old.

And there were many more like him who filled up the small restaurant on East Car Street. The time was 11.30 a.m. So, was the biryani a late breakfast or early lunch? Till I went on this assignment, I did not believe biryani could be eaten thrice a day.

It is said that true seekers of biryani must visit Thalappakatti, established in 1957. And to this list now are also included Ponram Biriyani, which came up almost two decades later in 1973 and the fairly recent, Venu Biriyani. Apart from the trademark biryani they sell, what is common to them is their respective army of customers who swear by their names.

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