In love with the Indian tadka


A British bloke taking fancy to Indian cuisine is rare. Very rare. But, Brit chef and TV presenter Alan Coxon has not only dedicated an entire TV series to our country, he has also written five books to accompany it.

In Chandigarh for the Great Campaign — week-long British food and drinks festival — Coxon gets talking about his love for Indian food.

The chef, who has done shows on cuisines of northwest America, South Africa and Portugal, is now onto a series that encapsulates his journey to seven locations across India, in search of the history and origin of the korma, tandoor, rogan josh, Madrasi cuisine and vindaloo.

“Living in the UK, I knew these five cuisines are very popular in India. As a food archaeologist, I was curious about the history of their ingredients. Another thing I wanted to do was to trace the original recipe,” says Alan, who has been a judge for the iTQi (International Taste and Quality Institute of Brussels) awards.

Full report here Hindustan Times 


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