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In downtown Mysore, a slice of history

The Mysore Palace seen through the canopy of a tonga

“Even a small city in India has more history and culture than history textbooks,” goes an old saying. And if there isn’t one, allow me to apply for a patent for it!

Most of us take the historic buildings, palaces and temples around us for granted and look at them only when our foreign friends remark upon their beauty.

Recently, as I was returning from Bandipur wildlife sanctuary, my friend dropped me off at the city bus stand in Mysore, from where I had a bus for Hyderabad at 7:15 pm. I had about three hours to see the city of Mysore. I kept my enormous bag at the bus company’s office and spent the next few hours falling in love with Mysore all over again. I had been to Mysore earlier with the missus and the kids while returning from Coorg but this time I was going to walk around. It’s the best way to discover a city.

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