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Imphal to open museum to present horrors of WW II


A gory chapter of World Ward II played out here in the summer of 1944. To remind posterity of the horrors of war, a museum will soon open here.

The toll the war took on Manipur was beyond measure — an unknown number of civilian victims, apart from 53,000 Japanese soldiers and 16,000 Allied Forces personnel slain during four months, reports Hindu.

Just 10 nonagenarian war veterans now live to tell the tale. Hence, the Manipur government, in association with the Manipur Tourism Forum and the World War II Imphal Campaign, have decided to open the war museum.

On April 14, 1944, Indian National Army soldiers hoisted the flag of an independent India at Moirang in Manipur. But it was a pyrrhic victory for the INA and Japanese forces as the casualties were enormous. The Allies eventually won the Battle of Imphal.

Th. Dhabali, president of the forum, told The Hindu that the museum would be of interest to the thousands of friends and relatives of those killed during the armed conflict.


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