IATA chief blames high airport fees for choking domestic aviation

Increasingly expensive airports and poor infrastructure are acting as deterrents to the growth of the civil aviation sector in the country, global airlines body IATA has said.

“India’s airports are becoming increasingly expensive. We have seen a 346 percent increase in charges at Delhi, 164 percent increase in aeronautical charges in Mumbai, 219 percent in Kolkata, and a 269 percent hike in Chennai. These are huge increases,” IATA director general and chief executive Tony Tyler told PTI at his Geneva headquarters recently.

“But we have had some victories. They have rolled back some charges in Delhi,” the International Air Transport Association (IATA) chief said. Stating that the poor infrastructure and high taxes work as a deterrent to the development of the aviation sector, he said aviation is a huge economic enabler of growth.

Full report here Firstpost


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