‘I don’t lose sleep over AirAsia’


Aditya Ghosh, 38, IndiGo’s president for the past five years, has been associated with the airline, the country’s largest by passenger market share today, right since it was a plan on the drawing board nine years back. In an interaction with Sudipto Dey, he shares his views on why adding new aircraft capacity, competition, and unbundling of fares will only help keep passenger fares low in India. Edited excerpts:

In 2006, being one of the promising new airlines, you were seen as a challenger. Seven years on, you are a leader today (with 29.5 per cent share of the market in May 2013). And, a new aggressive challenger is standing at the gate. Should we expect IndiGo to adopt a defensive strategy from here?

We will continue to play like we have played before. We did not change our plans with giant airlines in our own backyard. Even now we are not going to change our plans. We will continue to do two things: Chase growth, which is there; and compete against what we were yesterday. I hope we are like Roger Federer — boringly consistent.

Full interview here Business Standard


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