How to make biz trips more interesting

Business has gone global. Whether you work for a textile company or an IT one, travel for business has become a part of the package. Most often this means living out of a cabin size suitcase, spending your days in suits and nights in your hotel room. Make these work trips more interesting and a lot more fun by extending them into short vacations. 

Extend your stay by a day or three (plan your meetings around the weekend if possible) and once the white collar work is done, swap the tie for the strap of a camera and the oxfords for a pair of flip-flops. It’s time to unwind and enjoy the city you’re in. Didn’t have time to take the family on a summer vacation? Have them flown down and make the business trip a family holiday. 

That’s what we call smart planning! Got a meeting in Shanghai? How about exploring this hybrid city and searching out its old world charm! Brazil’s Sao Paulo may be more of a concrete jungle but the surrounding areas are naturally beautiful and Glasgow in Scotland has a load of treats for the short term visitor as well. 

Full report here Economic Times


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