How Etihad will digest Jet Airways

Abu Dhabi-based Etihad has a unique airline-cum-airport strategy that is likely to change the way Jet operates. It promises to be an interesting partnership

Etihad Airways’s Australian CEO James Hogan doesn’t have to think too hard about what to say. This week, he said: “Etihad will discuss ways to further integrate the two networks and help the airline achieve efficiency, build revenue and reduce costs.” 

He wasn’t talking about Jet Airways, his most high-profile investment which is likely to be given permission for take-off any time now. He was speaking in Belgrade, where he signed an agreement with the Serbian deputy prime minister to pick up a majority stake in Air Serbia, the latest carrier to come into Etihad’s embrace. When the formalities are complete over the next few months, Etihad will own 49 percent in the loss-making Serbian national carrier.

Full report here Moneycontrol


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