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It is hard to imagine that Indian aviation ever enjoyed a great run, given that it has long been synonymous with soaring fares, declining demand, mounting losses and consequently, carriers going bust. Yet, the years 2005 to 2007 were radically different from present day.

In those times, a glitzy airline launch was imminent and cheap fares were not a flash in the pan as they are today. Kingfisher Airlines and IndiGo were up in the air. A raft of low-cost airlines such as Jagson Airlines, Air One, Premier Air and East West Airlines were waiting in the wings. Air Deccan and its Rs 1 fares were around as were its friendly offers: “Air Deccan celebrates 2nd slot with 200,000 low-fare tickets”, “Air Deccan to offer free tickets to frequent flyers”. Heck, even Air India (Indian Airlines) was still a profit-making carrier then. It was Christmas all year round.

Full report here Economic Times


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