Hoteliers ask Maha to adopt Goa model


Hotel industry in the city under the banner of Hotel and Restaurant Association of Western India (HRAWI) has requested the state to adopt some of the key policies of the Goa government such as relaxation in tax burden to 60% during certain seasons in order to promote hospitality and tourism industry attract more tourists. HRAWI has warned the state that it was already losing tourists to Goa and so the revenue.

HRAWI has termed Goa government’s sops and existing schemes for the tourism sector as an ideal example appealed to state to emulate them. “The success of tourism in Goa is driven not by the beautiful beaches alone, but also by its tourism friendly policies. The Goa Government’s decision to relax tax burden by 60% during off season is a visionary move. This will not only help hotels there to sustain during the slump and serve tourists better during the peak season, but will also encourage budget tourists to visit Goa during off season and increase absolute collection of tax,” said Dinesh Advani, president, HRAWI.

Full report here Times of India


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