Hospitality sector geared to adapt to GST: HRAWI

DELHI: Hotel and Restaurant Association of Western India states it expects issues to crop in the initial phase of the implementation of GST, but overall the hospitality appears to be geared to adapt to it.

“The hotel and restaurant industry has been witness to a slowdown in the last three weeks. The maximum downward impact was seen in the last week of June with almost 35 per cent drop in sales. During the implementation phase, we are expecting issues to crop up, especially in the first three months, but are not unduly worried about it as the Government is expected to help us resolve them. Hotel and Restaurant Association of Western India (HRAWI) will be offering support, suggestions and assistance to members as and when required. We also expect a few technical challenges along the way. But overall the industry is geared to adapt to GST regime,” said Dilip Datwani, President, HRAWI

“There will be interim chaos as expected during the transition but we are optimistic that things will revert to usual in a couple of months. Many of our hotel units have already implemented the required back-end changes and some are still in process. The scenario feels similar to the demonetisation days when suddenly cash wasn’t available but then a couple months later everything fell in place. We will hope that this situation too will stabilise sooner than later and that GST works out for us and the nation,” said Rishi Puri, Vice President, Lords Hotels & Resorts.


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