High airfares fail to curb holiday travel spirit: survey

Indians still show the signs of enthusiasm when it comes to travelling, even after the hike in airfares and currency depreciation. According to a survey conducted by Yatra.com, Indians remain keen on travelling during winter break along with the curtailed budget, reports Rediff.

The survey was conducted among 15,000 people, among which 69% replied by saying that they are keen on travelling even after rupee depreciation and increased air fares. The study revealed that about 59% of the respondents are looking forward to visit and relax at exotic locations and 44% replied by saying that they want to spend quality time with their loved ones on a romantic getaway.
With the increasing costs, most of the respondents said that they would like to cut down on shopping costs and would definitely stick to their budget. Yatra.com president Sharat Dhall said: “We have seen tremendous rise in terms of bookings for the winter holidays this year notwithstanding the rising air fares.” Dhall said his portal alone has seen a 30-40% growth in bookings for holiday packages this year, for both domestic and international tours.
“This season we are also witnessing an increase in alternate and newer destinations,” he said. With more than 76 percent of respondents willing to go on a holiday, it’s time to admit that India is the most preferred destination this winter season.
Read the full report here, Silicon India


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