Good times are back


After a decline in the past few months when the rupee hit through the roof, outbound leisure travel is showing signs of steadiness with industry seeing demand from prospective outbound travellers, who earlier either cancelled or postponed plans.

The rupee is at Rs 62-level against the US dollar for the past one month. According to industry experts, even if people are not expecting rupee to go down below Rs 60-level, a lot of them have started making outbound travel plans.

“Outbound is more of an aspiration and it is now fairly steady after months when people really chose not to travel unless it’s a necessity since the rupee depreciation along with the economic slowdown. But people have started to think about travel again although not too many enquiries or interest for long-haul destinations such as western Europe or the US. This could be because the airfares and hotels are expensive in these destinations,” said Ajay Prakash, past president, Travel Agents’ Federation of India (Tafi).

Full report here Financial Chronicle


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