Going creative in vacations

Razia Arora, a PAU student from Model Town, has been exploring her creative self since her childhood and summer vacations gave her ample time to perfect the skills. Expert in making attractive trousseaus packing, Razia is now teaching younger students, who want to learn the craft.”I could not sit idle at home even during vacations. Being creative, I loved making trousseau packing. Now I also teach people to make trousseaus packing in my free time,” says Razia. 

A trousseau packing is a specialized packaging of gift items meant for special occasions like wedding and reception. 

Dhara Jain, a student from Brown Road, says she was always interested in doing something creative but had no guidance. “Razia helped me a lot in exploring my art. She taught me how to make these articles and also arranged for all the required material for the purpose,” added Dhara. 

Full report here Times of India


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