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Goans not racist, say foreign tourists

The recent Nigerians rioting at Porvorim drew some angry reaction from Goans. A couple of legislators also made disparaging remarks made by a couple of ruling legislators. Now, the situation has been painted by a section of the media in racist undertones.

But many foreigners have come forward to say that they never faced a hint of racism during their stay in Goa; whether it was for studying or enjoying a holiday. But some admit that after the Nigerian incident at Porvorim; those of African origin, whether French or Brazilian nationality, have been facing hard stares from people on the streets of coastal areas in North Goa. Some of them have moved to the south for the rest of their holiday.

Says Peter Olamigoke, a Nigerian currently studying and working in Houston, Texas, USA, who earned his bachelor’s degree in English literature from Dhempe college in June 2007 and an MBA at the Goa University in May 2009. “To put it straight out to you, to my knowledge, Goans are not racists. I really never experienced any form of racism or any racial slurs or remarks with regards to my color nationality or culture,” Olamigoke said.

Read the full report here, Times of India


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