GoAir flight makes emergency landing over bomb threat letter

KOLKATA: Delhi -Kolkata GoAir flight G8-127 with 180 passengers on-board has made a priority landing at the Kolkata airport after a reported phone call was made to the airline claiming a bomb threat.

The aircraft was immediately taken to the isolation bay and bomb squads was called in to check, reports India Today.

Apparently, the pilot had spotted a piece of paper which had a bomb threat and immediately informed Kolkata ATC.

The pilot alerted the air traffic control at Kolkata, which arranged for its priority landing, reports The Times of India.

The plane was guided to a remote bay after landing where checks were carried out. The passengers were allowed to leave after the bomb threat assessment committee ruled it a hoax.

The GoAir flight from Delhi to Kolkata would not have taken off had the haze that had disrupted flight schedules all of Tuesday not cleared. It took off around 7.25pm with 173 passengers and eight crew members. It was around 150 nautical miles from Kolkata when an ATC officer received the pilot’s radio call.

The ATC alerted senior airport officials and security agencies. The flight landed at 9.35pm and was guided to a remote bay where the passengers disembarked.

Sources said a crew member had found a handwritten note at the rear deck beyond the washrooms. She immediately informed the pilot who radioed the ATC at 9.05 pm.


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