GoAir can use Nashik as alternative to Mumbai airport

This could reduce the requirement to carry extra fuel

MUMBAI  Nashik airport, owned by the state-run Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL), is offering itself as an alternative to airlines flying to Mumbai, which could potentially reduce the requirement for them to carry extra fuel.

Airlines are mandated to assign a nearby airport as an alternative for landing in case of an emergency that may require the diversion of an aircraft, reports Mint.

Airlines flying to Mumbai currently use Ahmedabad airport as an alternative. Mumbai-bound planes are now forced to carry enough fuel to cover the aerial distance till Ahmedabad, 440km away, in case of a diversion.

By allowing airlines to use Nashik airport, aircraft flying to Mumbai can now carry less fuel as the distance from Mumbai to the city is only 200km, according to two HAL executives.

“Nashik is closest to Mumbai airport. The alternative airport is a prelude to starting commercial flights from Nashik,” said one of the people cited above.

Carrying additional fuel reduces the ability of airlines to carry cargo as they have to adhere to total payload requirements.

“GoAir (run by Go Airlines India Ltd) has already secured permission to use Nashik as an alternative airport. More airlines will follow suit,” said the second person cited above.

Jet fuel forms 25-40% of the operating cost of Indian airlines.

The executive said Nashik airport will also offer night parking facilities for airlines.

He hoped that overnight parking facilities would be a precursor to starting morning flights out of the airport.

A GoAir spokesperson confirmed the development.


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