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‘Goa used and abused by tourists at the cost of locals’

Against the backdrop of its last three meetings in Merces, Goa Velha and Canacona last week, Goans For Dabolim Only (GFDO) criticized the BJP government for failing to protect the interests of Goans in the name of tourism.

Fr Eremito Rebello, convener of GFDO criticised art and culture minister Dayanand Mandrekar for misusing his position to promote beachside rave party culture, in the process berating and humiliating an upright and dutiful senior police officer and dubbing him a ‘goonda’ for his crackdown on the alleged drug trade in that area.

“This is hardly surprising in a government where the health minister, who is also the Mandrem MLA, publicly justified the drug trade allegedly flourishing in his constituency on the grounds of improving the ‘economic health’ of his constituency,” Rebello said.

Full report here Times of India


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