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Goa tourists to go off the roads on April 13


Tourist taxis in Goa will stay off the roads on April 13 to protest the government’s recent announcement to install digital fare meters only on Goan tourist taxis. Speaking at a media briefing on Saturday, representatives of the North Goa tourist taxi owners’ association said that the bandh will be held for one day but the strike could be extended for an indefinite period.

Vasudev Arlekar, president of the North Goa body said that said tourist taxis will gladly agree to install digital fare meters on their taxis, if the same are also installed on taxi services operated by members of the travel and tourism association of Goa (TTAG), boats of water sports operators and other such tourism stakeholders. The government must set up regulations and controls on all tourism businesses like water sports operators, spas, saunas, hotels, etc. instead of discriminating only against tourist taxi operators, Arlekar said.

The North Goa-based association’s argument is that while they charge a fee of 3,000 to take tourists to Dudhsagar waterfalls, members of the TTAG charge about 37 British pounds per head for the same trip. “The government does not question airlines or volvo buses when they hike their fares,” said Arlekar, adding that the tourist taxi operators will not allow this discrimination.


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