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Goa tourism looks to set record in 2013

Everyone knows the internal factors that powered Goa’s spectacular tourism growth over the past three decades. The gorgeous weather and landscapes, the state’s magnificently rich and diverse cultural heritage, the wonderful food and, latterly, sparkling nightlife, have all become world-famous, and so the state’s tourism brand steadily increased in value despite chronic mismanagement and negligence by successive state governments.

Less recognized are the global and national trends and developments that have uncannily consistently played out in Goa’s favour: steadily decreasing international airfares, the deregulation of domestic airspace, and especially a string of unforeseen setbacks (from terrorism to tsunami to civil war) to its potential rivals in the region have come together to maintain the state’s non-stop rise to becoming a global tourism hotspot like no other in the region.

Full report here Times of India


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