Goa tourism destroys itself

Early morning walkers on Caranzalem beach have good news to report. The suspension of mining means much less silt in the water, and far less tar and pollutants from the transhipment vessels that used to crowd the horizon. This has resulted in a wonderful rejuvenation of the waterfront environment: cleaner sands, many more migrant birds, an abundance of shellfish like has not been seen for many years.

But the traditional ramponkars who have fished off this very same beach as far back as history has been recorded have a different story to tell. They have worried expressions as they shoulder their distinctive seine nets. Their catch is dramatically reduced from last year-even more when you consider five years ago. The day labourers who help to bring in their catch now take home barely 100 or 150 per day, and could stop working any day. Just two years ago they were assured five or six times as much.

Full report here Times of India 


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