Goa sees 40% fall in arrival of foreign charter tourists


While the state’s tourism season 2014-15 that is coming to a close, saw a 40% decline in the arrival of charter tourists, the steady flow of domestic and free independent travellers (FITs) has kept the industry kicking. But the domestic tourists and FITs put together could not make up fully for the drop in charter tourists.

Goa received 4,41,543 (March-end 2015) international tourists as against 5 lakh tourists in the previous season. Till March-end, the state received 28 lakh domestic tourists as against 35 lakh in the previous season, reports Times of India.

In 2013-14, Goa received 1,128 charters bringing in 2,61,452 tourists whereas in 2014-2015, (up to April 3, 2014) 813 charters came with 1,54,047 tourists which was a huge blow to mostly, three star hotels that increased rooms during tourism footfalls of previous years.

Travel and Tourism Association vice chairman Savio Messias liken the situation to a mining boom when everybody started investing to rake in the mullah.


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