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Goa minister says tourist numbers won’t decline


Tourism minister Dilip Parulekar has said that tourist inflow to Goa has increased during the last few seasons as Goa tourism has tried to improve infrastructure at beaches and at other tourist places.

During the coming season too, there will be an increase in tourists visiting Goa, and they are expecting an increase of 2.5%, says the Times of India.

Last season, Goa received 1,128 charters. Parulekar said the number will increase in the coming season, that begins from next month, to 1,400 charters.

He also rubbished claims by the tour operators that there is likely to be a marginal drop in the charter flight arrivals for the season starting next month. The ruble falling against the dollar and some Russian tour companies going bankrupt are reasons, tour operators say, Goa will have less charters from Russia which emerged as the biggest charter market for Goa, during the last three-four years


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