Goa hotel business is already down 60%


Goa’s tourism sector came under the spotlight on Sunday morning after several media reports dragged the coastal state into the headlines.

According to media reports, Russia had struck Goa and India off its “safe to travel” list, soon after it had restricted its citizens from travelling toEgypt and Turkey in the wake of fresh tensions with those countries, reports DNA.

This is a big deal for India and for Goa, given that nearly 50% of all tourists thatGoa gets, come from Russia. So much so, that there are certain areas in Goa where it isn’t uncommon to find road signs and restaurant menu cards in Russian, and even hawkers and tour guides that speak the language.

After an initial jolt, the Russian Information Centre (RIC) in Goa that was quoted in the aforementioned media reports, issued a statement on Sunday evening clarifying that they had never taken Goa or India off Russia’s “safe to travel” list.


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