Glitch grounds flyers in Jodhpur

Hundreds of Mumbai-bound passengers were stranded at Jodhpur airport on Friday after all flights from the city in Rajasthan were cancelled due to unavailability of an aircraft landing aid. Passengers spent hours waiting at the airport hoping for their flights to take-off, but were turned away by their respective airlines. Due to peak travel season, airlines were not even able to accommodate the passengers on flights scheduled later in the week.

Passengers have now decided to either stay put in hotel accommodation till they get a flight or are travelling to Jaipur or Udaipur to catch a flight from there. Some stranded passengers protested at the airport and sought a solution.

Advertising professional Rusit Patel, who was on a 10-day holiday with his family, was to take a Jet Airways flight to Mumbai via Delhi. Patel said that the airline cancelled the flight despite issuing a boarding pass. “Initially, the airline asked us to take a refund and get another flight. But booking another flight now will cost us double, if not more,” said Patel. After a lot of negotiation, Patel and his family were finally accommodated on the airline’s flight to Mumbai from Udaipur on November 11.

Full report here Times of India


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