Girl-only vacations on the rise

They need no supervision or a grumpy husband, a jumpy toddler, a frumpy mom-in-law. Welcome to the new-age holiday plan: girl-only vacations, where women of all ages gang up and plan custom-made trips across the globe

Shalini Biswas, a publisher based out of Kolkata, leads a hectic life. There’s office, family responsibilities at her Salt Lake house. Down south, designer Uzma Ahmed also keeps busy 24×7 ¬†balancing work and home. The Ruby resident loves to catch up with friends over adda. And if there’s something that connects these 40-plus women, it’s their love for travel. But for that, they don’t need fathers, husbands or brothers. Shalini and Uzma travel with a gang of gal pals.

For that’s the latest trend taking the tourism sector by storm. Women-only travel groups ¬†from young adults just into their first job to mommy groups taking a break from nappy duties or adolescent kids are traversing the globe and reclaiming their me time in style.

Full report here Times of India


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