GenNext: Festival, Music and Sex

With the onset of the chill in the air, came the anticipation of December with its promise of warmth and love, bonfires and gifts, Christmas carols and family get-togethers. At least, that was the December that ‘used to be’.

Now, with Hornbill Festival’s larger than life presence, all the excitement has been channeled towards the preparation and celebration of the festival. For the last couple of days Hornbill has been the talk of the town and to visit it is on everyone’s to do list with its day to day events splashed across the local dailies.

As the festival takes the state over by storm, the most keyed up section of populace in the midst of all the chaotic excitement are the young people. For most of the young Nagas, ‘music’ and the related enjoyment surrounding it is the quintessence of the Hornbill Festival. In fact, cultural programs and educational activities are of little or no importance to this group of people. Nagas have a tendency of associating social music with drugs, alcohol and merry making which often results in casual and unprotected sex.

Full report here Morung Express


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