Khajuraho – not just about erotica

Khajuraho is a sleepy little town in the middle of the vast Indian heartland. Therre is little to distinguish it from thousands such towns across the country, but for a magnificent set of temples. Between 950 and 1150, the temples were built by rulers of the Chandela dynasty between circa 950 and 1150.

The temples have intricate carvings on their exterior surfaces. While these carvings are of exceptionally high standards, it is the subject of some of them – erotica, that has piqued the interest of the global tourist. Coupled with the Kamasutra, these temples helped build India’s reputation as a land erotica and even loose morals! Well, the patrons of these temples were probably followers of a tantric tradition. While only about ten per cent show erotic poses, the rest depict every day lives. Only a handful of the temples survive, and these are today found in three clusters in different parts o the town.



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