Frequent bus accidents spook passengers

The bus inferno that killed 45 has changed travel as we know it with frequent travellers turning fearful and apprehensive about this mode of transport.

When Karuna Ahuja had to travel from Bangalore to Hyderabad in a bus before Diwali, she did it with trepidation. “I barely slept and kept a wary eye on the emergency exits which I scanned the moment I got into the bus.” Ironically, Karuna, an employee of a healthcare firm in Bangalore, had booked the ticket with Jabbar Travels, the company whose bus was involved in the tragic inferno that snuffed out 45 lives.

From the moment news of the Volvo bus blaze flashed on TV screens in the early hours of October 30, travel as we know it, has changed. Till recently, the mutli-axle AC Volvo buses were considered a byword for comfort and quick journey to nearby destinations. With astronomical airfares and hard-to-get railway reservations, these buses were godsend for many people working in cities such as Bangalore, Vijayawada, Chennai and Mumbai. However, as details of the news poured in, many found themselves turning fearful and apprehensive.

Read the full report here, Times of India


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