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Foreign tourists to be treated better at ASI monuments

DELHI: Starting next week, foreign tourists coming into India- when paying a little extra to visit ticketed Indian monuments- will also get some ‘higher value’ treatment.

Foreign tourists at ticketed ASI protected monuments will be serviced through a faster, separate queue and be greeted with a free water bottle and a booklet on the monument, reports The Economic Times.

A high quality audio guide where available will also be accessible to them. That apart, the foreign tourist will also be given access to a cleaner toilet.

The decisions were taken recently at a meeting of the Culture ministry with officials from the Archeological Survey of India. The overall idea, said officials, is to ensure a better experience for foreign tourists visiting India.

Tickets are typically kept at a much higher range for foreign nationals.

The move is set to come into effect next week- just in time for India’s peak tourist season.

It also fits in with the larger goals of the Adarsh Smarak scheme to improve ambience and facilities around a number of monuments.

The Culture ministry had also issued directions earlier to ensure that all monuments are kept plastic free.


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