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Foreign tourist arrivals up 4% in January


Foreign tourist arrivals in India grew 4 per cent to 7.9 lakh in January 2015 compared with 7.59 lakh during January 2014, a Ministry of Tourism statement on Tuesday said.

The highest share of travellers were from the US (16.35 per cent), followed by the UK (11.82 per cent), Bangladesh (9.29 per cent), Canada (4.7 per cent), Australia (3.63 per cent), Russian Federation (3.5 per cent), France (3.16 per cent), Germany (3.12 per cent), Sri Lanka (2.93 per cent), Malaysia (2.91 per cent), Japan (2.63 per cent), China (2.3 per cent), Republic of Korea (1.89 per cent), Afghanistan (1.76 per cent) and Oman (1.54 per cent).

Foreign exchange earnings too went up 4% to Rs 11,529 crore as compared to Rs 11,082 crore earned in January 2014 and Rs 10,785 crore in January 2013, according to data from the ministry of tourism.

The highest number of tourists during the period came from the US which sent 16.35%, followed by the UK which constituted 11.82% of the share. Bangladesh came next with 9.29% and Canada, 4.70%.


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