Foreign airlines woo desi globetrotter


The times, they are a changing for the desi flyer. India’s economic might is now forcing foreign airlines to deploy their best aircraft to the country, which was, for years, treated as a market for dumping second class products.

Last week, Singapore Airlines (SIA) and Emirates announced that they will fly the Airbus A-380 here and Lufthansa said it will fly the latest version of the original “queen of the skies” Boeing 747 to more cities in India. What’s more, SIA has chosen the more luxurious version of its A-380s — which has suites (a notch above the first class in the other variant) — for the India flights.

The airline has configured its A-380s in two variants decision with economy and business being common to both but the top end having first in one and the uber luxurious suites in the other.”India is a market with substantial demand for super luxury, premium products. We chose to go in for the A-380 with suites for the India market,” David Lau, SIA’s GM (India) said.

Full report here Times of India



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