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Florida travel agent sues Wizcraft over IIFA


The popular International Indian Film Awards (IIFA) awards have run into trouble with a travel professional filing a case against the event organisers Wizcraft International Entertainment professional for failing to pay more than $7 million in agreed-upon expenses and fees. This year’s IIFA Weekend is scheduled to be held April 24-27, 2014, in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Travel professional Akarsh Kolaprath of 7M Tours in a lawsuit against the organisers of the 15th IIFA Awards, said he was promised amount worth 3% of the anticipated $17.5 million in revenue that the organisation expected to earn hosting the 15th IIFA Weekend, in addition to other revenues and expenses.

The IIFA Weekend is a Bollywood-themed series of events including the IIFA Awards, a live musical show with top Bollywood (Indian) movie stars; panel discussions on the Indian entertainment industry; and an acting master class with Hollywood star Kevin Spacey.

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