Flight delayed by 8 hours, flyers fume

VISAKHAPATNAM: Passengers travelling by Indigo flight 6E-886 from Visakhapatnam to Kolkata were in for a harrowing experience on Thursday after they were left stranded for more than eight hours at the port city.

The flight, scheduled to take off from Vizag at 2 pm, eventually departed at 10.06 pm, reports The Times of India.

While sources attributed the delay to a technical snag, Indigo Airlines termed it “consequential”.

The passengers weren’t amused by either explanation.”Flights delays from the city aren’t new. I have had a a similar experience in the past too,” said a disgruntled a passenger.

Other fliers -155 t in total -seemed equally disappointed, Many were even “seen venting out their frustration on the airport management. “Such delays are unpardonable,” said one of them.

In a statement issued on Thursday evening, Indigo confirmed the delay. It stated: “The following flight was routed on Agartala Kolkata-Visakhapatnam sectors. Owing to bad weather conditions at Agartala and consequent heavy ATC congestion at Kolkata, the flight operation of 6E-886 was further delayed.”

It added: “During the same time, the crew which was scheduled to operate flight 6E-886 was changed at 6.20 pm as the cockpit crew had exceeded the maximum duty time limitation. Following the protocol, operations control replaced crew and requested for another set of crew. This caused further delay of the flight.”


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